Thumbnail Blaster – The Best YouTube Video Thumbnail Maker?

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What is Thumbnail Blaster?

TB – as I like to call it, is a cloud based program that makes it easier for you to design your video’s thumbnails or cover photo for a variety of platforms. It claims that it’s possible to have the perfect option for you in three easy clicks so you have one less thing to worry about before you hit upload.

This artificial intelligence software makes it less complicated for you to create attractive thumbnails without needing to hone your skills or spend time trying out different designs. You can forget tools like Photoshop once and for all.

Some people might argue that it isn’t at all that difficult to create a design. However, when you’re using elements that you don’t own, you’ll either have to pay for them outside of your design platform, or you’ll run the risk of getting tagged for copyright infringement – which isn’t fun for anyone.

Thumbnail Blaster benefits

Aside from the fact that it will save from a lot of stress, TB has a lot of great benefits going for it. Take a quick look at them below:

  • Quick and easy. You don’t need to wait hours to get your thumbnail ready before publishing your video. It can be done within just a few minutes.
  • AI does it all for you! If you’re feeling lazy, you can just have the tool do everything for you. You just need to add in some important info, and in minutes, your video will be published without you even having to lift a finger.
  • Noob-friendly. The drag and drop user interface makes it easy for you to navigate the builder if you want to be a bit more hands on with the design process.
  • Great – but not overwhelming design library. There are over 30 templates to choose from that accommodates several niches. This means you have a good pool of choices, but not too many that it can get difficult to choose.
  • Design elements library. If you thought you’d only have to rely on what’s already on your chosen template, then you’re incredibly wrong. There is an extensive elements directory where you can choose shapes, stickers, and more.
  • Inclusive. Everyone knows that there are several sizes of thumbnails that you need for each type of platform. Luckily enough, Thumbnail Blaster helps you create your thumbnails for any size of video including 16:9, 4:5, 4:4, and more.

As you can see, there’s plenty of benefits to using the software. But, before you go ahead and jump the gun, let’s take a closer look at what makes Thumbnail Blaster software the best choice for you.

Thumbnail Blaster review: is it worth it?

If you want a platform that will save you lots of time from having to think about the right design choices for your cover photos, then yes. It’s definitely worth it. The AI technology makes things easier as well as streamlines the entire process for you.

Furthermore, you also get to split test your choices. This means you’re able to find the best thumbnail for your videos based on actual results and not guesswork. It’s also quite inexpensive and is a good platform if you’re looking for something convenient and that won’t distract you from doing what you actually need to do.

That said, I can’t say that it’s the best in the market. Of course, it may very well be the best if we’re talking about just video thumbnails. But if you’re someone who likes to work on a variety of graphic designs, I highly suggest you look into Canva as well.

Overall, make the choice for yourself. The money-back-guarantee period will help you make your decision without fearing that you’ve lost or wasted money.

After all, you can just request for a refund any time before the period expires if you end up not enjoying the software.

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