Freight brokers boost profits off the chart, with strong revenue growth

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Not many people know or would begin to think of freight brokerage as a thriving business. Nevertheless, freight brokers and freight agents are in high demand as companies seek to make shipping and their supply chains more efficient and affordable.

If you don’t know what freight brokerage is and are interested in starting such business, you don’t need to worry as you are not alone. Dennis Brown, the creator of Freight Broker Profits, did not know what it was when he started Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) – one of the fastest growing logistics providers in North America. It was curiosity that led him to learn and start the brokerage business. But before I start the review of the programme, I will explain first what a freight broker does and what the the freight brokerage market is like globally in order to help you in your decision as to whether the training is for you or not. In this way, for those that are interested in the business, I have already completed the market research for you!

What Does A Freight Broker Do?

A broker is an individual or firm that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, negotiating and managing transactions between them for a fee (commission). Common examples are Stock broker, Mortgage broker etc. A freight broker is therefore an intermediary between a shipper who has goods to transport and a carrier who has capacity to move that freight. In other words, a freight broker helps shippers that need to move freight from point A to point B by finding a carrier (trucking company) that will haul the freight for slightly less than the shipper is willing to pay them.

Freight brokers are sometimes referred to as load brokers, truck brokers, or transportation brokers and can earn a commission of between 10% and 35% profit per shipment. This means that brokers typically earn between $100 to $500 per shipments but Dennis Brown claims to have earned as much as $5,175 per shipment just for finding a truck to haul our customer’s freight!

Who Is Dennis Brown?

Dennis is the former CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi) one of North Americas fastest growing logistics providers. He founded LDi in 2003 as a one man operation without any industry experience and led the company to grow to over $80 million in sales in 2015 before selling his equity to pursue other ventures.

He is the founder of where he now devotes his time to training freight brokers. Following several requests in 2009 to train freight brokers and agents, he decided to develop and offer a very comprehensive but affordable online freight broker training program on

Since then, thousands of people who are interested in learning how to become freight brokers or freight agents have participated in his online freight broker training program which achieves a 97% customer satisfaction rating!

Description and Benefits of the Freight Broker Profits.

The Freight Broker Training by Dennis Brown is acclaimed to be the most comprehensive and cost-effective freight broker training online today that is recognized throughout the industry. Even if you have no knowledge or experience of freight brokerage, the training will provide you with all the details on how to become a successful freight broker or freight broker agent in less than 30 days. Here is the crux of the review as it shows what you will gain from the training:

  • Easy access: The training is online and all you need to access the course material is a computer with a good internet connection. This makes it convenient for you to log in from anywhere and learn at your own pace. There is no confusing downloads or special software required to access the course.
  • Freight broker & freight agent training articles: Freight brokers and agents perform different roles, though they work closely together. A freight broker requires a license and is responsible for all the business aspects of the transactions and therefore, needs to be bonded. A freight agent does not need to be licensed or bonded because they work under a licensed broker. For this reason, the training is properly organised into their respective categories in order to make it easy for you to learn and follow in your own pace without being guided.
  • Video enhanced tutorials: The program also comes with video tutorials that make it easier for you to learn, which help to maximise your training. In this way, the learning is accelerated by emphasizing the key points.
  • Graphic workflow diagrams: Many people learn better through visual aids. These are included to facilitate your learning.
  • Creative negotiating methods: You will learn and master some of the creative negotiation secrets and strategies that will make it easier for you to make more profits each day.
  • Intuitive financial strategies: The intuitive financial strategies make it easier for you to start making profits quickly using other people’s money. As in most cases when you are starting a business, you may not have a huge capital. However, these strategies reveal how you can utilise other peoples’ money to make huge profits quickly.
  • Jumpstart Expense and Decision Matrix: It includes Jumpstart Expense and Decision Matrix which provides a roadmap that removes any guesswork. This makes the startup process easier so that you can focus your attention on your business.
  • Forms & agreements – These documents are instantly available for download from the members section in PDF and Microsoft Word format. So, you don’t need to think about how you are going to get these forms and the expenses involved.
  • Great for beginners and veterans. The training identifies concepts you need to understand and tips to help you become successful. The course is laid out progressively so that it is easy to understand and can be put to use immediately. This makes the course material suitable to anybody irrespective of your knowledge or experience.

About The Author

The program is a creation of Dennis Brown, once a CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi), one of the fastest growing logistics entities in North America. The entity was established back in 2003 as a one-man organization that lacked industrial experience then. By 2015, the company had made more than $80m sales but then he sold it for other investments. He then founded where he is completely devoted to training freight brokers. These followed unending requests made from the year 2009. He opted to design and provide an all-inclusive but affordable training to freighters through Over time, he has trained thousands of individuals with the desire to be freight agents through this program.

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